Experimenta Media Art launched in 1986 as Australia’s pre-eminent media arts organisation. Over it’s 30 year history it has brought cutting edge media art to Australian audiences. This archive is a small sample of some of the art, collaborations, projects and people that have helped to shape Experimenta, and make us what we are today.

Did you know?

We have a physical archive at our offices in Melbourne. To make an appointment to look through the archive email experimenta@experimenta.org.au.


One of MIMA’s most tangible legacies was a set of film and video ‘yearbooks’ commissioned by the Australian Film Commission for circulation as an educational resource. This series of three, one-hour yearbooks highlighted shorts and extracts considered ‘difficult’ to program and distribute through traditional channels. These yearbooks served to showcase the best in experimental and ‘avant garde’ works created between the mid-1960s to late 1980s, and challenged preconceived notions of film, art and their intersection.

Experimenta Archives Virtualities (1995)

Virtualities was one of Australian earliest exhibitions at the nexus of art, science and technology. Exhibited in 1995 at Scienceworks in Melbourne, it featured some of Australia’s most significant artists including Patricia Piccinini, Peter Hennessey & Ian Haig. The exhibition explored the increasing potential held within the ‘virtual worlds’ of the computer to stimulate imagination and impart information.

A ‘collective tribute’ to Frank Lovece

The recent death of Frank Lovece, a Melbourne based artist, has left us all deeply stunned and profoundly saddened. Such states of loss and shock can give rise, often in involuntary ways, to a range of unexpected and vivid memories, connections and reflections.  In this tribute to Frank we have attempted to harness and consolidate such immediate reactions about Frank’s work in film.

Experimenta Media Arts: 1986-1996

The following essay and time line are the result of my internship at Experimenta Media Arts which formed part of my Executive Master of Arts at the University of Melbourne. The internship lasted 12 weeks, beginning in March 2012. As I currently work for Experimenta as Administration and Program Coordinator, I was already familiar with and closely involved with the workings of the organisation, including operations and program curating. Therefore I was interested in learning about the side of the organisation that seemed to have been over looked for a number of years, the history of the organisation. This was particularly pertinent as in 2011 the organisation quietly celebrated 25 years of operation. In 2012, Experimenta wants to make the fact known they have been around for a quarter of a decade and producing a research essay and time line about the organisation was a perfect fit.