Katarina Zdjelar




Shoum starts with a blank screen. There is no image, only the sound of the Tears for Fears’ 1984 mega hit ‘Shout’. Finally, there appears an iPod, a sheet of paper and the hands of two men from Belgrade, holding pens.

Over the course of the next seven minutes, Shoum depicts two attempts of deciphering the lyrics of ‘Shout’ as though they contained a coded message. The two men speak no English and so they phonetically transcribe what they hear, based on their own vocabulary and capacity to vocally interpret the unfamiliar. Cut off from the lingua franca of a globalised world, these two men create something of their own, something that lies between the foreign and the familiar.

single channel video

7 mins


Katarina Zdjelar is a Belgrade-born artist based in Rotterdam. Katarina graduated from the University of Arts in Belgrade and received an MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute of the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Her audiovisual works focus on the performative powers of speech with a particular focus on the limits of language, on its vulnerability and malleability. Zdjelar’s videos work as some form of backstage to the ideological imaginary of these changing, dynamic, and accelerated times of ours. She consistently deals with alternative chrono-geographies, denouncing the flaws of the ideological acceleration, while unearthing its unrepresented realms.

Her practice consists of working with moving image, sound, performances, book projects, and creating different platforms for speculation and exchange. Zdjelar’s work has appeared in exhibitions and film festivals across Europe, the US and the UK.

Video stills courtesy the artist © the artist