Catch Your Breath –
Drop in Sessions

3 February 2018 to 18 March 2018 - The Lock-Up, Newcastle NSW

Catch Your Breath by artist Andrew Styan contemplates the intimacy of our breathing, allowing you to visually capture this unique moment. Through the action of bubble making and high-speed flash photography, this interactive installation results in stunning still imagery, contributing to an online database that will collect breath around Australia. By measuring shape and form — ‘profiling’ in the language of forensics and marketing — find out what makes your own breath and perhaps better appreciate our collective breath.

View the full breath archive here:


The Lock-Up, 90 Hunter Street,

Newcastle NSW 2300


Dates: 3 February - 18 March 2018

Opening hours:

Wednesday to Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday: 11am - 3pm

Cost: Free

Booking: Drop-in access to artwork throughout the duration of the exhibition.


About the Artist

Andrew Styan is an emerging new media artist interested in developing strategies for shifting public engagement with the challenge of climate change. Using electronics, computer coding, interactivity and electromechanical devices to create installations, videos and kinetic objects, his practice makes visible the underlying causes of climate change. These conceptual and material concerns reflect a former career in industrial research as a metallurgist in the steel industry, and lifelong interests in nature, photography and science. Styan has exhibited widely locally and nationally and in 2015 he was awarded the University of Western Australia’s prestigious Dr Harold Schenberg fellowship for graduating artists. His recent theoretical and practical research focuses on the socio-economic origins that are common to all crises of ecology, equality and democracy. He is interested in the psychology behind the individual and collective inability to tackle these crises, and the social agency of contemporary art practices and institutions.

Andrew Styan, Catch Your Breath (2017), image captured from the Sofitel Melbourne on Collins © the artist