Eddies & Swirls: Talking Turbulence
with Scale Free Network.

11 May 2018 - School of Creative Arts, UTAS, Hobart

Join Scale Free Network for a discussion about the scientific and creative ideas which inspired their Experimenta Make Sense artwork, A Hierarchy of Eddies.

Part scientific-model, part black-box theatre, A Hierarchy of Eddies is an art-science experiment in staging the phenomenon of turbulence. Comprising two axial fans and ten litres of polystyrene balls enclosed in a chamber, this kinetic work enacts a constantly changing system, analogous to fluid flows everywhere: from inside our bloodstream, to rivers, tornadoes, rising smoke from a cigarette or cyclones on the surface of Jupiter.

For curious minds of all ages, this artist-talk will explore the story behind the eddies, swirls and whorls, and delve into the complexity and poetry of vorticity.


SOCA Art Forum is a weekly event hosted by the School of Creative Arts, Hunter St campus during the semester period giving students, staff and the public an opportunity to hear respected artists, critics, theorists and curators from Australia and abroad speak about their area of professional practice.

A Hierarchy of Eddies is presented as part of Experimenta Make Sense: International Triennial of Media Art. 20 April – 27 May 2018, Plimsoll Gallery UTAS. Click here for more details.

Please note: this artwork contains strobe lighting.


Friday 11 May 2018, 12:30-1:30pm


Dechaineux Lecture Theatre, School of Creative Arts, UTAS, 37 Hunter St, Tasmania




About the Artists

Scale Free Network is a Melbourne-based, art-science collaborative founded by conceptual artist Briony Barr and microbial ecologist Dr Gregory Crocetti. Since 2007, SFN have developed their interdisciplinary methodology through workshops, participatory installations, exhibitions and publishing projects, created in collaboration with artists, scientists, writers and educators. SFN projects aim to visualise and imaginatively engage with the invisible majority (microbial communities, physical systems and forces beyond human perception), to question the human-scale lens through which we relate to the world.

SFN have presented their work in a diverse range of contexts nationally and internationally, including art galleries, museums, science institutions, festivals, conferences and schools. The list includes the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul; South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute; the National Gallery of Victoria; the Royal Institution of Australia; Gertrude Contemporary; A Centre for Everything; ArtPlay; Counihan Gallery; Ipswich Art Gallery; World Science Festival, Brisbane; OtherFilm Festival; the Environmental Health Clinic; and the International Symbiosis Society Congress.


Hero image credit: Scale Free Network, A Hierarchy of Eddies (2017). Photo by Zaylee Saint James Turner.