Experimenta Make Sense at Rockhampton Art Gallery

Experimenta Make Sense has officially moved into Rockhampton Art Gallery, QLD and will be on until 2 December, 2018.

We spoke to Gallery Director Bianca Acimovic to discuss what the Experimenta Make Sense exhibition means to Rockhampton.

1. Why did you decide to program Experimenta Make Sense at Rockhampton Art Gallery?

Rockhampton Art Gallery is being reimagined as we work through a $10.5m redevelopment. This redevelopment will see the new Rockhampton Art Gallery co-located with Rockhampton Regional Council’s Smart Hub and Central Queensland University’s technology interruption hub.
Rockhampton Regional Council’s Smart Hub: As part of the Smart Way Forward Strategy, Rockhampton Regional Council established the co-working facility SmartHub in May 2016. The SmartHub is high-tech co-working facility located in the heritage listed Customs House (208 Quay Street). The SmartHub is specifically geared at helping start-ups in our region to maximise early-stage business success.
Central Queensland University’s technology interruption hub: the city’s old Bond Store building to house a state-of-the-art community space designed by the University to nurture digital creativity, disruption and innovation.

Rockhampton Art Gallery saw Experimenta’s exhibition as a way of starting a public conversation about the potentials and opportunities of this co-location. What could manifest from a shared cultural precinct that brings together art and technology.

We are still years away, but this exhibition enables great awareness and potential outcomes as a result of the new Art Gallery and the collocated facilities.

2. Is there an artwork in the exhibition you’re particularly excited to present to your gallery audiences?

It is not one work but the broad idea of new media arts. Our regional community is obtusely aware of art as a fine art form. The intention of presenting this exhibitions was to broaden thinking and awareness of the area of new media arts. Not only awareness about the artists working in the area, but also t open up thinking to the regions visual artists to how new media art could be adapted to their practices. It is also intended through the presentation of this exhibition to reach new audiences in our community. Audiences who perceive art as not for them. We hope that by showing artworks that engage the view physically contribute to the works, they broader community can experience art in a different way. This is seen in the presentation of ‘Hello future self’ (and many more in the exhibition) where the viewer contributes directly to the evolution of the work.

3. Tell us about media arts scene in Rockhampton.

It is a growing area, and this is being lead by broad strategic direction, like through Rockhampton Regional Council’s Smart way Forward Strategy, and resulting Smart Hub. This is giving rise to start-ups business and ideas. Recently a new 3D scanning and printing business is evolving, and through the desire of the Gallery to program digital and new media arts we are working with regional artists and business to develop and present ideas that include coding and app development for public presentation. With all the ground swell in the region around new media and broader policy framing this, it is really ‘watch this space’. In further years this region will be a real melting pot in the area of new media.

Find out more about Experimenta Make Sense at Rockhampton Art Gallery here.