Experimenta Make Sense at Latrobe Regional Gallery

Our first stop for 2019 on the Experimenta Make Sense National Tour is Latrobe Regional Gallery (Morwell, Victoria). Presenting from 6 April – 30 June 2019.

We spoke to Gallery Director, Mark Themann, to discuss the exhibition and media art in regional Victoria.


Why did you decide to program Experimenta Make Sense at Latrobe Regional Gallery (LRG)?

LRG seeks to fosters a wide range of projects, relevant to the art of our times, including newer media, durational and digital works. We are delighted that this tightly curated project will be able to be presented here. Its curatorial rationale is particularly pertinent, given the enthusiastic societal embrace of the digital and the rapid technological developments, with which we are all confronted. Lastly, we are excited to present to our local audiences, the work of national and internationally based artists, with the intention to continuously to expanding the knowledge and expectations of our audiences.


Is there an artwork in the exhibition you’re particularly excited to present to your gallery audiences?

We prefer to wait and discover how a work will be discovered by our visitors, which also enables us to present a more nuanced approach to the presentation and reception of the art work(s) in Experimenta Make Sense .


Tell us about media arts scene in regional Victoria.

In our regional area there are a number of film clubs, combined with under the radar private investigations in ‘new’ media, by ordinary punters who may or may not consider themselves to be media artists.

In terms of official art institutions and galleries, LRG has – over the last three years -consistently presented leading media practices. This has included works from Australia (such as moving image based works by Gippsland based experimental film makers Barry Brown & Irene Proebsting) works from South Africa, Belgium, greater Asia programming by ACMI, the NGV, as well as the last Experimenta touring exhibition Recharge and this project Experimenta Make Sense.  With this track record LRG can be considered a major champion of media arts, as part of a wide ranging and risk taking exhibition programming trajectory.


For more info about the exhibition at Latrobe Regional Gallery (6 April – 30 June 2019) and public program events, please click this link.