Description Audio Tour

Designed for people who are blind or have low vision, this audio tour gives audiences the chance to further immerse and engage in cutting-edge experimental art, while learning about the processes and practices used by the artists.

Audio descriptions have been created by Description Victoria, narrated by Will McRostie, with assistance by Alice Mathieu and editing by Peggy Soo.

Experimenta Make Sense is currently showing at:
Tweed Regional Gallery & Margaret Olley Art Centre
South Murwillumbah NSW
27 July – 23 September 2018
Wednesday to Sunday from 10am to 5pm
FREE. Click here for more info

There are two options to listen:

1. Click or tap play button on the media player below.


2. Right click on the link below the audio player to save the audio to your local device.

Audio Tour Introduction – 

Tour Introduction – Download Audio


Briony Barr – Drawing on Complexity (The Experimenta Series)

Drawing on Complexity(The Experimenta Series)Download Link


Jane Gauntlett – In My Shoes – Intimacy

In My Shoes – IntimacyDownload Link


Steve Berrick – Hello Future Self

Hello Future Self Download Link

Antoinette J. Citizen – Apparatus and Method for Time Displacement, Device 001

Device 001 – Download audio

Gail Priest – SonoLexic

SonolexicDownload Link

Antoinette J. Citizen – Apparatus and Method for Time Displacement, Device 003

Device 003Download Link

Andrew Styan – Life Support System

Life Support System – Download Link

Liz Magic Laser – The Thought Leader

The Thought LeaderDownload Link

Lucy McRae – The Institute of Isolation

Institute of IsolationDownload Link

Judy Watson – the keepers

the keepersDownload Link

Judy Watson – the names of places

the names of placesDownload Link

Ella Barclay – Access Remote Fervour

Access Remote FervourDownload Link


Michelle Barker and Anna Munster – pull

pullDownload Link


Jon McCormack – Colourfield Lux

Colourfield LuxDownload Link


Matthew Gardiner – The Folded Geometry of the Universe

The Folded Geometry of the UniverseDownload Link

Lauren Edmunds – i dun good

i dun goodDownload Link

Adam Donovan and Katrin Hochschuh – Curious Tautophone – Tensor Field Ontology

Curious Tautophone – Tensor Field Ontology – Download Link

Robert Andrew – Moving from the Binary

Moving from the BinaryDownload Link

Katarina Zdjelar – Shoum

ShoumDownload Link

Scale Free Network – A Hierarchy of Eddies

A Hierarchy of EddiesDownload Link


Andrew Styan – Catch Your Breath

Catch Your BreathDownload Link