Abel Korinsky
Born 1985 Ibbenbueren, Germany. Lives and works Berlin, Germany.

Carlo Korinsky
Born 1985 Ibbenbueren. Lives and works Berlin.

Max Korinsky
Born 1984 Ibbenbueren. Lives and works Berlin.

RL2000 2014
sound and mixed media installation
dimenions variable

Photography Mark Ashkanasy, Courtesy RMIT Gallery

Imagine that sound never fully disappears and is present in our universe forever. What would it sound like to hear all the sounds of the past and present? How would it change our perceptions of time and death? Sound artist collective Korinsky present an immersive installation inspired by the recent announcement by researchers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre that they had documented sound waves from the Big Bang soon after the birth of our universe. The artists invite audiences to imagine the implications of hearing sounds from the past and to place themselves in a situation where perceptions of time, space and place might be disrupted.

Korinsky’s work has been developed during a residency with Experimenta as part of the EMARE AUS CDN Move On Exchange (European Media Artists in Residence Exchange with Australia and Canada). This program is supported by the Culture 2013 Programme of the European Commission and the Goethe Institut. Hosted by RMIT School of Art International Artist in Residence Program.