Maitha Demithan

Born 1989, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Lives and works Dubai.

Aiyal  2012
142 x 170 cm

Sanawat  2010
180 x 144 cm

To The Moon  2009
180 x 122 cm

All works are exhibition prints courtesy the artist and Tashkeel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Installation Photography: Mark Ashkanasy, Courtesy RMIT Gallery

Maitha Demithan has painstakingly digitally knitted together flatbed scans of body sections to produce luminous images of her Emirati family. To The Moon and Sanawat are portraits of her nieces and nephew, and in Aiyal the form of her father guides her brother who holds a falcon, a traditional hunting animal in the Emirates. Of the scanography technique she employs, Demithan says: ‘The human figure has always been of interest to me, and this unusual way of looking at it, especially with the absence of depth of field and 3D form, I have found it to be like a form of documentation, as if the figure was a document.’ Demithan also considers her process a method of painting with light. The layers of construction and deconstruction are a contrast to the immediacy of digital photography and prevailing Instagram culture.

…Emirati artist Maitha Demithan, by contrast, has used flatbed scans of people’s bodies and knitted them together digitally to produce images of her community in the United Arab Emirates….
Andrew Stephens, The Age