Masha Tupitsyn

Born New York City, United States of America. Lives and work New York City.

Love Sounds 2014
digital video, sound 4:07:27 hours

Photography: Masha Tupitsyn

Cinema remains the last medium for speaking and performing love culturally. While much emphasis has been placed on the visual iconography of love, with the exception of music, very little attention has been given to love as an aural phenomenon since the tradition and practice of amour courtois. Partly inspired by Christian Marclay’s ontology of time in cinema, The Clock, and René Magritte’s word paintings, which textualized the visual tropes of painting with “written” images, Love Sounds, a sound poem and history, dematerializes cinema’s visual legacy and reconstitutes it as an all-tonal history of critical listening.
Masha Tupitsyn, 2014