Emma Ramsay
Born 1983, Sydney, Australia. Lives and works Sydney.

Alex White
Born 1976, Melbourne, Australia. Lives and works Sydney.

Tele Visions Afterlude 2014
Digitally archived analogue television broadcast, remote control, table.

Tele Visions was an experimental intervention into the TV medium in the last days of analog broadcast in Australia. The project was a pop up TV channel that broadcast 24 hours a day over six days in 2013 in Sydney’s inner west, and streamed online. The broadcast included live tele-visual art generated specifically for the project, and screen-based work compiled from an international call-out. Rarely have artists been allowed the possibility of producing work for this broadcast medium; Tele Visions was a last chance to occupy and pull apart the cultural and technological phenomenon of analog TV in its dying moments.

Tele Visions Afterlude is a new iteration of this project. A number of self-generating TV channels continuously play the live TV pieces and selected screen works from the original broadcast. Viewers can navigate through the works by pressing the buttons on the coffee table to change channels and rewind or fast-forward through each piece. Tele Visions Afterlude is at once an archive of the original broadcast, a solution to presenting a large volume of screen works in a gallery context, and a reference to what post-analog TV has become.

Dimensions: variable and expanding.
Duration: until the end of time.
Table interface developed by Samuel Bruce.

Photography: Mark Ashkanasy, Courtesy RMIT Gallery.