WED 8 November 2017
materialist surrealist

Curated by Emile Zile 

The surrealism of materials, sculptural absurdism and language all feature in this end-of-season Experimenta Social. Please join us for a celebratory conclusion of Experimenta Social with two presentations exploring the material world, symbolism, language and observation.

This end of year celebration will be feature Ceri and Jule presenting live from the ACMI X kitchen where they promise to turn up the heat on their under cooked tasteless food-for-thought. Brisbane-based media artist Michael Candy will present his kinetic sculptural work featuring robotic personalities, sculptural paradoxes and physicalised responses to complex systems. We hope you will join us for this playful and performative end to the year.

About the Speakers

Michael Candy (Australia/Nomadic) uses physical technologies to impart systems theory on ecology and sociology. From making scale replicas of metamorphosis to remotely operated protest devices installed within the G20 exclusion zone. His devices empower and translate closed systems into tangible medium; a flooding river is given a voice, a goldfish is at the mercy of a cocktail party, colours shine never visible, synthesizers are controlled by an active volcano and in the Amazon mercury vapor rises above a golden statue in an illegal mining town. A myriad of encounters both ecological and political, giving rise to contrasts as paradoxes become diluted.

Ceri is a multidisciplinary arts practitioner who develops participatory art forms intended to enhance the conditions for collective idea generation. This approach to practice often avoids categorisation, as the outcomes are intentionally defused in the wonder/wander of everyday life. The gifting of metaphorical objects to instigate philosophical discourse stems from Ceri’s recently completed PhD research at RMIT, The Making of a Knowledge Casino (2016). The creation of low tech props for treating the urban condition as a 3D movie set were used to enable mutually inspired activities for people that may not consider themselves artists, but may become script writers of their own way to play. A link to his presentation can be found here.

Image courtesy of Michael Candy, Ether Antenna, 2017