Experimenta Life Forms – – COMMISSION ARTIST

Artist: Thomas Marcusson (NSW)
Artwork: DJ Moss

Machines increasingly aid the music scene, selecting music based on algorithms. But despite the emergence of musical AI, the brain controlling the dance floor is still favoured to be that of a human.  Dancers prefer to direct their praise to someone…rather than something.

Marcusson’s DJ Moss is neither algorithm or person but is very much alive, consisting of a colony of moss. By using special sensors, micro-electrical signals stemming from the moss control a DJ set. These signals trigger a library of music and execute some classic DJ moves such as scratching, fading and base drops, thereby letting the moss take you on a musical journey.

Read an ‘in development’ interview with the artist HERE

As an interactive and online artist, Marcusson creates mixed media works that ruminate on culture, science and identity. By including various interactive elements, his artworks expand into participatory experiences inviting visitors to engage in different ways.

Marcusson has been the recipient of various awards and acknowledgements and his work has been exhibited across Australia, Europe and America including at the Powerhouse Museum (Sydney); the Eyebeam gallery, New York; the Science Gallery, Dublin, theMuseum, Ontario; Bow Arts, London; Konstfack, Stockholm; and NordArt, Germany. 


Experimenta Life Forms International Triennial of Media Art

Exploring how biological and artificial life are challenging human-centric thinking, Experimenta Life Forms will be Experimenta’s 8th national touring exhibition. It premieres in 2021 and will tour nationally until 2023. Click here to find out more.

‘DJ MOSS’ by Thomas Marcusson is an Experimenta Commission.

Image credit: ‘DJ Moss’, Thomas Marcusson, concept sketch – artwork in development  (2019)