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Anaisa Franco


Born 1981 Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lives and works Berlin, Germany

Anaisa Franco works with robotics and low-fi electronics to produce interactive sculptures and installation that connect mechanical processes with the subconscious human mind. Inspired by psychology, dreams and the possibilities inherent in DIY electrical engineering, Franco animates objects with behaviours and feelings to blur the boundaries between body, mind and machine.

Graduating with a Masters in Digital Art in 2007 from the University of Plymouth in England, UK, Franco has developed digital work at Medialab, Prado (2008) and currently works as a New Media artist at Applied Future Studio, Berlin. She has exhibited extensively including at ARCO Fair Madrid, Spain (2011); Europalia, Brussels, Belgium (2012); Live Ammo, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei, Taiwan (2011); Museum of Brazilian Art in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the 5th Seoul International Media Art Biennale, Seoul, Korea. Franco also exhibited at the Moscow Art Fair, Russia (2013) and has been awarded residencies at Cité internationale des Arts, Paris (2012), Hangar, Barcelona (2010) and Tapei Artist Village, Taiwan (2009).