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Dr Annalea Beattie

trawtha makuminya
lutruwita (TAS) Australia

Dr. Annalea Beattie is an artist who is interested in the role of art and art making in long duration space travel. Based in space science, her practice considers how art making in Mars-like environments can contribute to thinking about how we might live in the future on other planets in confined, hostile and isolated circumstances that are not conducive to, but are in fact inhospitable to art making.

On space simulations and space science expeditions, she works with scientists and technologists to explore how the experiences of making art might activate small, extraterrestrial communities, promoting social cohesion, building rich, diverse, cultures and improving quality of life. Employing participatory methods and collaboration in often harsh, dark and extreme places, much of her art practice involves sensory deprivation. Much of it is mobile, performative and improvised, set in conditions and environments analogous to those on Mars.

Annalea has contributed to four Springer volumes on extraterrestrial liberty, speculating through her art practice how art making can invigorate communities off-Earth. She is an Executive Director of Mars Society Australia and a Director of the National Space Society of Australia. She is Adjunct Professor at the Centre of Excellence in Astrobiology, Amity University, Mumbai and a member of the Association of Mars Explorers.