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Christy Dena is a writer, designer and director who has worked on pervasive, digital and card games, theatre performances, and films. Dena was granted Australia’s first Digital Writing Residency at The Cube, QUT to create the large installation “Robot University”. Her web audio adventure “AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS” won the WA Premier’s Book Award for Digital Narrative and the Australian Writers’ Guild award for Interactive Media, and was Official Selection at the 2014 Media Arts Show for the Electronic Literature Organization. Dena’s works explore our relationship with technology, death, and our past.


“…Dena landed a role as a special effects producer, which lead her to work as a TV commercial actor and after sometime she decided to become a writer. Not a fan of constraints, Dena decided to focus expressing her own worldview unimpeded by clients. It’s no surprise that an upbringing as creative as this resulted in Dena becoming an artist…..”

Ali Cromarty, Aphra Magazine