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Lucija Ivšić


Lucija Ivšić, also known as ŽIVA is a multidisciplinary artist, composer, and performer based in Melbourne. Currently pursuing a practice-based PhD at SensiLab, Monash University, her work lies at the intersection of art, science, and technology. Through her installations and live performances, ŽIVA challenges traditional approaches to musical shows, blurring the lines between performer and listener. She explores non-human entities during her shows, pushing the boundaries of live musical experiences.

Beginning her music career at a young age as the frontwoman of the Croatian post-punk band Punčke, ŽIVA performed over 400 shows worldwide from 2007 to 2019. In late 2021, she embarked on her new bilingual music project, fusing Slavic-pop, electronica, and darkwave influences to create an experimental sound that reflects her Slavic heritage.

Aside from live performances, Lucija gained recognition for her debut VR work titled “What homes are made of.” The piece was exhibited at prestigious art festivals globally, including Melbourne Design Week, ADAF in Greece, and Current New Media in the US.

Active Interfaces
Curated by SensiLab

Thu 17 Aug – Sat 2 Sep 2023
Library at the Dock Gallery Space