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Wurundjeri Country
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

m0wson&MOwson (lynn mowson and Bruce Mowson) collaborate on sculpture and sound/light projects focusing on human/non-human animal interactions.

lynn mowson is a sculptor whose practice is driven by the entangled relationships between human and non-human animals, in particular those animals we consume. Her sculptural research has been included in exhibitions nationally and internationally, and has been featured in publications including Animaladies, Bloomsbury Press, 2018, The Animal Studies Journal, 2018, Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture, 2018 and The Art of the Animal, 2015.

Bruce Mowson works with sound and listening, with adventures into light, installation/sculpture, text and participatory art. He aims to make art that is broadly accessible and has in recent years been involved with the community sector. He is a founder of Liquid Architecture, holds a PhD in art, has taught art and design and has had the privilege of sharing work around Australia and occasionally overseas.

At Home Activity –
Octopus Academy

Thu 14 Apr 2022 – Sun 31 Dec 2023
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