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Thomas Marcusson

Gadigal Country
Sydney, NSW, Australia

Born in Sweden and now based in Australia, Thomas Marcusson is an interactive and online artist creating mixed media artworks that talk about culture, science and identity, often inviting visitors to engage in different kinds of ways. By including various interactive elements, the artworks expand into participatory experiences.

After having studied mathematics in Gothenburg, he went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Technology in Sydney, graduating with 1st class honors. He is now a practising artist in Australasia, Europe and the Americas.

Thomas has been the recipient of various awards and acknowledgements and his work has been exhibited at the Powerhouse Museum (Sydney), the Eyebeam gallery (New York), the Science Gallery (Dublin), theMuseum (Ontario), Bow Arts (London), Konstfack (Stockholm) and NordArt (Germany).