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Uyen Nguyen, Max Piantoni and Matthew Riley

Wurundjeri Country
Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Uyen Nguyen, Max Piantoni and Matthew Riley create experimental playable works using games, art, animation and installation for exhibitions, festivals, events and research. They have received international recognition for Yomeci, a series of works that explores listening and making sounds as a form of play – investigating how our sonic world can be harnessed creatively to construct new perceptions and interpretations.

The collaboration brings together each of their respective practices. Nguyen is an animator, designer and filmmaker investigating the playful potential of sound in animation, games and interactive media. Piantoni is an artist, developer and designer specialising in the creation of interactive experiences and creative tools. Riley is a designer, academic and researcher who has developed pervasive games, public art, interactive environments, generative systems and mixed reality experiences.