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Antoinette J. Citizen
Apparatus and Method for Time Displacement



We organise ourselves according to a shared and precise measure of time, but our own perception of it is much more relative. Time speeds up and slows down, varying between people, activities, moods and memories.

Across three wearable devices, Apparatus and Method for Time Displacement investigates how we sense time. The first device is a clock set to the wearer’s personalised perception of time. The wearer is invited to press a button when they sense a minute has passed and the clock adjusts its calculations accordingly. Worn face-down around the leg or arm, the device displays the wearer’s unique time on the floor next to them as they peruse the gallery. The second device is a headset with a screen that streams video of the gallery space, recorded from different points in time. Time can be sped up, slowed down or compressed, visually morphing the past and present. The third wearable device records sound and plays it back through a headset at a displaced time. The wearer can set a short delay. In doing so, they intimately experience the sound of moments just past.

The Artist
Antoinette J. Citizen

Antoinette J. Citizen is a visual artist based in Melbourne. Combining disparate technologies and performance strategies, Citizen works across emerging technologies, computer programming, electronics, paper-based works, kinetic sculptures and installations.

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