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Brook Andrew
De Anima



Brook Andrew works across mediums to challenge cultural and historical perceptions and comment on issues regarding race, consumerism and history. He draws inspiration from institutional and found archive collections, and works with communities and museum collections to comment and create new work on historical object display and perception.

De Anima was first presented as part of The Cinemas Project, Bendigo Art Gallery in 2014, curated by Bridget Crone. Presented as part of Experimenta Recharge, De Anima was re-contextualised through a program led by Brook Andrew in collaboration with RMIT Design Hub researchers. While the film component is a new medium for Andrew, the work’s thematic concerns are not. Several of his previous works reframe colonialist imagery and artefacts to both acknowledge and reposition their gaze.

Presented as part of: Experimenta Recharge: 6th International Biennial of Media Art, which toured Australia in 2014–2016.


The Artist
Brook Andrew

Andrew challenges cultural and historical perception, using text and image to comment on local and global issues regarding race, consumerism and history.