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Georgie Pinn

Turbal Country
QLD, Australia


The artwork appears as a large-scale morphing face that invites the audience to interact with the animated portraits using a touchscreen and listen to the stories. Audiences are invited to capture their own face and manipulate their form in real-time. The animated content has been created from a rich archive of over 40,000 portraits and stories collected from people worldwide.

This giant interactive mirror references the idea of bias in algorithms and machine learning. Data sets that reflect our human choices, revealing perspectives that can be siloed, polarised and manipulated. The work contemplates questions of empathy for machines and through machines toward each other.

If AI replicates our choices and behaviours, can it also determine the attitudes and intentions of our futures? The artwork highlights our responsibility for self-awareness, and asks if machines can teach us to be better humans?

ECHO/OHCE, is an international award-winning artwork, manifesting at Melbourne Docklands in the form of a 7-meter projection mapped sculpture.


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Podcast: In Conversation with artist Georgie Pinn (22:35)


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The Artist
Georgie Pinn

Georgie Pinn is an artist driven by empathy, using immersive tech and storytelling to connect people, break down prejudice and inspire new forms of creative expression.