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Leah Heiss



Facett is the world’s first modular self-fit hearing aid, designed by Leah Heiss for Blamey Saunders hears. In order to distinguish Facett from traditional hearing aids Leah drew inspiration from the mineralogy collection at Museums Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. The crystalline form seeks to shift stigma, and move hearing aids from disability to desirability.

In addition to looking different to traditional hearing aids, Facett functions differently. The intuitive magnetic connector bypasses the need to change tiny batteries, an ongoing frustration for older people with arthritic fingers or vision impairment. Facett was designed through a human-centred approach.

Leah spent time with over 25 hearing aid users to understand what it is like to depend on a technology to live and work. The design process was iterative and Leah created over 200 3D printed models throughout development. These iterative models became the conduit for a collaboration between experts who do not have a shared lexicon. Leah also used the iterative models to engage with technology users and invite their participation in the process of creating the hearing aid.


Facett was supported with assistance by the Australian Government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science through a commercialization grant as part of the Entrepreneurs’ Program.

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Leah Heiss