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Jon McCormack
Holon, 2023

Boonwurrung Country
VIC, Australia


Over one hundred electronic “organisms” will create their own habitat. Each organism feeds off solar energy during the day, then at night the organisms come alive, communicating with each other via sound and light. Sounds heard by each organism — including those made by nearby people, machines and wildlife — are used to generate new sounds that acoustically fit into the environment, as each organism tries to assimilate into the visual and sonic landscape of its immediate neighbours.

Holon suggests a new kind of nature-machine symbiosis, where electronic life seeks to co-exist alongside biological life.


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Podcast: In conversation with Jon McCormack

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The Artist
Jon McCormack

Jon McCormack is an Australian-based artist working at the nexus of art, technology and society. His experimental practice is driven by an enduring interest and research in computing.