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Lauren Edmonds
I dun good



I dun good is an interactive artwork that reveals the uncomfortable conditions underlying political and social action performed online.

Social media’s promise – to transform production relations, re-connect a fragmented society and distribute more power to the public – makes it an appealing platform for protest. This appeal, in combination with the commercial pairing of multimedia technology with ideas of enhanced personal agency, has resulted in heightened expectations of the power and effectiveness of online participation, ‘protest’ and social action. Recent history has demonstrated that the internet can be used effectively in organising mass political action, spurring real-world change. However, these events have been effective when social media is used, not to replace real-world action but to co-ordinate it. Developing out of an Honours thesis of the same title, I dun good uses elements of montage, astonishment and humour to disrupt and distance participants from the work. In doing so, it begins to expose the conditions of online ‘action’.

The Artist
Lauren Edmonds

Lauren Edmonds is a multimedia artist living and working in Brisbane, previously based on the Sunshine Coast.