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Universal Everything
Infinity, 2021


Infinity is a never-ending video artwork depicting an endless procession of unique personalities born from code.

The heart of this constantly unique generative work is the movement of hair as it flops, spikes and frizzes. These playful, colourful beings walk, stumble and limp along like a parade of commuters.

They echo the early 20th century Futurist sculptures of Boddioni, which aimed to capture an abstracted body in movement. Fast forward a century, this infinitely varied stream of characters does that with ease. These are abstract forms with a soul. You never know who is going to step on stage next.


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Podcast: In Conversation with Claire Cook (from collective Universal Everything)


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The Artist
Universal Everything

Universal Everything are a collective of media artists, experience designers and future makers based in cities across the world, who create life-affirming, future-positive, audience-focussed artworks.