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Jarra Karalinar Steel
Living well, 2023

Boonwurrung Country
VIC, Australia


Living Well is a dynamic large-scale text-based animation expressed through the artist’s visual language of symbols and design, influenced by her Boonwurrung heritage and culture. The artwork comes to life across the projected surface of the library.

“This work is inspired by the intergenerational labour and survival of my family and ancestors who came before. Those who passed down their knowledge, strength and being, for us to create, reclaim and a rebuild a better, positive future, a future that was stolen from them, that they couldn’t have dared to dream.”


Audio Description (1:03)

Podcast: In conversation with Jarra Karalinar Steel (32:06)

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The Artist
Jarra Karalinar Steel

Jarra Karalinar Steel is a multidisciplinary artist who's work explores themes of blak futurism, identity, memory and ways to insert contemporary cultural visual language into the urban and digital landscape by reclaiming space and belonging.