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Michele Barker and Anna Munster



From beneath the surface, an underwater cinematographer records the moment a large wave forms and breaks above. The event pas­­ses quickly, but in pull, that moment lasts infinitely.

pull is a multi-channel audiovisual installation that draws out the experience of this one moment, asking us to sense its lived time as extraordinary. Extending the experience of a wave breaking, it presents a single submerged event in very different ways. Projected on one wall, cinematic images shot at extremely high speeds follow the intensively slow movement of the large wave forming under the water. On the opposite wall, GPS data – tracking the cinematographer’s movements while filming – is visually reworked through 3D animation. Designed as two seamless replays of one moment, pull presents an expanded sensorium. The sonic elements are immersive as well as directional, suggesting again the multiple perspectives from which any ‘single’ event can be sensed. pull is an audiovisual exploration of time and embodied perception, using water as a force that exists outside humankind’s own short ‘moment’ in geological time. It considers the relations between our senses and the environment through these differences in time and scale.

The Artist
Michele Barker and Anna Munster

Michele Barker and Anna Munster have collaborated for over twenty years. Their most recent work focuses on experimental cinema and responsive media environments as a way of exploring perception, embodiment and movement.

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