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Peter Thiedeke
TWIFSY (The world is fine, save yourself), 2024

Turrbal & Yuggera Country
Brisbane, QLD


Peter Thiedeke’s TWIFSY (The world is fine, save yourself), is an ambiguous post-digital artwork born from research into our societal transition towards technological determinism and monopolistic ownership of Big Data – our shift from human to a post-human condition.

Made of modular, mixed-media panels, TWIFSY beckons like a glowing lighthouse. The shifting colour spectrum surface creates the illusion of a moving image that can be decoded through a smartphone camera. As the audience moves closer, a GIF-like face – a representation of an imagined ‘ancestral being’, emerges at a scale beyond easy recognition. It flickers, glitches, and gradually dissolves, giving way to the hidden world beneath. A world populated by hundreds of tiny human-like figures enacting utopic fictions, somewhat reminiscence of the ‘render ghosts’ in modernist architectural renderings and models.

TWIFSY prompts us to reflect on a potential future where the real and the virtual have coalesced. In a time when the custodians of our digital networks and the arbiters of our information will shape our socio-cultural interactions and our understanding of reality.

Experience TWIFSY at the T&G Building as part of Now or Never.
22 August – 18 September 2024

Foyer of 161 Collins Street, Melbourne.
Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 6pm

The Artist
Peter Thiedeke

Peter Thiedeke is an interdisciplinary image maker concerned with post-digital critique, Peter is working on a PhD project within futurist discourses surrounding the Smart City, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Everything (IoE).