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Dominic Redfern

Experimenta Life Forms - - COMMISSION ARTIST Artist: Dominic Redfern (VIC) Artwork: first forms The multi-screen video installation first forms centres on cyanobacteria, the single-celled algae that created the conditions for complex life to arise on earth 800 million years ago.  first forms is a development from several installations Redfern has made around urban waterways, looking [...]


Experimenta Life Forms - - COMMISSION ARTIST Artist: Brad Darkson (SA) Artwork: science finds – industry applies – man conforms Assuming that one has the capability to engineer artificial intelligence (AI) beyond current technological confines to create a sentient machine, one needs to question the moral implications of this human endeavour. Why should humans [...]


Experimenta Life Forms - - COMMISSION ARTIST Artist: Helen Pynor (NSW) Artwork:Animal Mineral We are currently witnessing a rapid expansion in the use of prosthetic implants in many branches of medicine, and a consequent boundary collapse between animate-inanimate. Pynor’s recent experience of hip replacement surgery prompted her work Animal Mineral where she was granted permission [...]


DAVID HAINES Kirlian photography is a technique for creating contact prints by electrically charging, ionizing the air around an object, pioneered by Russian electrical engineer Semyon Kirlian and his wife Valentina in the early -twentieth century.  The artist has rebuilt a Kirlian camera after much hard-won research and modified it from being an analog [...]