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MARTIN WALCH This artwork is a digital animation derived from one of two semi-permanent time-lapse cameras installed at Mawson Station in Antarctica. The thousands of resulting photographs are chronologically ordered, computationally sliced and recombined, to create a series of frames that each derive from 640 individual time-lapse images. Each frame of the animation shows [...]


ERICA SECCOMBE Have you ever thought about what a mung bean looks like from the inside when it germinates? Erica Seccombe has, so she created an innovative work of art using leading-edge scientific technologies to capture a unique view of mung beans and alfalfa seeds sprouting. Projecting the resulting time-lapse data stereoscopically in cinematic [...]


HELEN PYNOR Development of the Visual Circuit of Drosophila melanogaster in 3 Acts: Larva; Pupa I; Pupa II, 2018 In 2017 Helen Pynor was commissioned by The Francis Crick Institute, London to undertake an extended residency in the laboratory of Institute scientist Dr Iris Salecker, and to produce artworks in response. This video was [...]


BADEN PAILTHORPE Using anonymous player and crowd data captured during the 2017 AFL Round 23 Swans v Carlton game, Clanger (Longitude, Latitude, Velocity) re-stages the drama and flow of each players’ position and performance data. Pailthorpe moves the game from the field to the virtual plane, rendering the players floating digital sculptures. In statistical [...]


CHRIS HENSCHKE Resonance is an artwork by Chris Henschke, developed in collaboration with particle physicists at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland, as part of the art@CMS program. Resonance is a fundamental property of nature, and is found on all scales, from the subatomic to the cosmic. On the subatomic scale, [...]


Leah Heiss Facett is the world’s first modular self-fit hearing aid, designed by Leah Heiss for Blamey Saunders hears. In order to distinguish Facett from traditional hearing aids Leah drew inspiration from the mineralogy collection at Museums Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. The crystalline form seeks to shift stigma, and move hearing aids from disability [...]


ROBERT ANDREW Our lands and soil commodified, owned,  colonised. By investigating issues of disruptions to my heritage, I intrinsically connect with the realities of historic and ongoing disrespect for the diverse ecology of our lands and soils. This time based kinetic work combines programmable technological machinery that erodes soils, exposes substrates, builds stories and [...]