Experimenta Life Forms - - COMMISSION ARTIST Artist: PluginHUMAN - Betty Sargeant and Justin Dwyer (VIC) Artwork: PULSE Through PULSE, PluginHUMAN are presenting data collected from significant trees and waterways from around the globe. This work is inspired by their recent residencies in the Amazon, Panama, Taiwan, India and remote Australia. The resulting installation [...]

Dominic Redfern

Experimenta Life Forms - - COMMISSION ARTIST Artist: Dominic Redfern  (VIC) Artwork: first forms The multi-screen video installation first forms centres on cyanobacteria, the single-celled algae that created the conditions for complex life to arise on earth 800 million years ago.   first forms is a development from several installations Redfern has made around urban waterways, [...]


Experimenta Life Forms - - COMMISSION ARTIST Artist: Brad Darkson (SA) Artwork: science finds – industry applies – man conforms Assuming that one has the capability to engineer artificial intelligence (A.I) beyond current technological confines to create a sentient machine, one needs to question the moral implications of this human endeavour. Why should humans [...]


Experimenta Life Forms - - COMMISSION ARTIST Artist: Helen Pynor (NSW) Artwork: Bone Ballet / Materialia / Afterlife We are currently witnessing a rapid expansion in the use of prosthetic implants in many branches of medicine, and a consequent boundary collapse between animate-inanimate. Pynor’s recent experience of hip replacement surgery prompted her work Bone [...]