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Showcase artworks by some of Australia’s more daring and innovative contemporary artists

We produce extraordinary and provocative art experiences that chart new artforms and the future of art.  Experimental art has historically defied institutional designation and confounded expectations about what it is and where it belongs. Long tied to an engagement with both multidisciplinary and emerging technologies found in the science, engineering and technology fields, experimental art is often difficult to document, present and collect. 

Arts practices that are experimental, hybrid, multidisciplinary or transdisciplinary are naturally attuned to exploring the concerns of our times, and experimental  artists play an important role in questioning political, social, economic and  environmental issues, through pioneering new art forms and expanding existing ones. 

We provide expertise in presenting contemporary art driven by technology and we work closely with artists at the forefront of their field. We often work with artists who envision many original iterations of an evolving work.  Artworks commissioned by us are often available for future presentation and are adaptable to different environments. Please be in touch or (03) 9650 9977