Experimenta Make Sense exhibition featuring artwork 'Access Remote Fervour' by Ella Barclay (2017). Photo credit Theresa Harrison.


Support the future of art driven by technology

Experimenta is Australia’s leading organisation dedicated to commissioning, exhibiting and touring contemporary art driven by technology. We commission some of the world’s most adventurous contemporary artists working with technology in unexpected and unconventional ways. We champion new ideas about technology, explore the creative possibilities, and unearth emerging artforms.

Since its inception in 1986, Experimenta has developed a worldwide reputation for fostering creativity that extends the aesthetic, conceptual and experiential potential of new art forms. As an organisation that continues to support new and emerging forms of contemporary practice, Experimenta is recognised as a leading hub of experimental art in Australia.

Our exhibition touring program has been running since 2003, and has been the launching pad for many high-profile Australian contemporary artists. Now Australia’s only touring Triennial, it has been experienced by more than 1.2 million people in over 40 communities.

In early 2021 we will launch our next triennial exhibition Experimenta Life Forms, which explores how developments in biological and artificial life are changing life as we know it. We are raising funds to support this timely and topical exhibition, which opens in Melbourne and embarks on a nationwide tour until 2023.

We at Experimenta are delighted to present our inaugural giving program, offering an opportunity for you to support the future of art driven by technology. We are grateful to the Creative Partnerships Australia’s Plus 1 program that enabled us to launch exciting fundraising and support opportunities for Experimenta’s exhibitions, programs and artists.

Producing the only Australian triennial to tour nationally, Experimenta brings media art to diverse regional and metropolitan communities across the country. We provide artists and audiences with unique opportunities to create and experience a mix of interactive, reactive, contemplative and deeply immersive artworks.


For further information on how to support Experimenta,
please contact our General Manager, Susan Kukucka:

Phone: (03) 9650 9977
Email: susan@experimenta.org

Experimenta is on the Register of Cultural Organisations under Subdivision 30-B of the income Assessment Act 1997 and is endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR). Every donation of $2 or more is tax-deductible.

‘Experimenta: the future of art driven by technology’ donation campaign is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through the PLUS1 program, every dollar we raise will be matched by CPA.