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Image courtesy of Constant Dullaart, DullTech

Experimenta Social #10:
Artist-led Manufacturing In China

Wed 12 Jul 2017, 6PM – 8:30PM

What happens when an artist can’t get the product they want? They make it themselves.

This month, Australia’s pre-eminent media arts organisation, Experimenta Media Arts, explores artist-led manufacturing in China.
With more open access to mainland Chinese manufacturing processes, artists are beginning to work directly with factories in Shenzen, Guangzhou and the new territories to develop new tools that are responsive to the needs of their peers. Raising capital using online platforms such as Kickstarter and distributing products from the studio, artists are defining the terms of technology they want rather than being beholden to what’s available to them commercially.
In this Experimenta Social session we talk with New York-based Dutch conceptual artist Constant Dullaart about his DullTech Media Player project and local audio-visual instrument builder Robert D. Jordan on stories from the prototyping lab. (Due to time zone complications, Constant Dullart will be interviewed by Emile Zile via pre-recorded video).

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This event was curated by Emile Zile.

This project is supported by the Besen Family Foundation and the City of Melbourne, and presented in conjunction with ACMIx.

About the Speakers

Constant Dullaart

Constant Dullaart

Constant Dullaart is a Dutch conceptual artist whose work is deeply connected to the Internet. He was awarded the Prix Net Art late 2015 with the following jury statement; ““The fluidity of boundaries between artist and tech communities and questions of authorship, virtuosity, and the performativity of art in a mediated environment are an important aspect of the work of the winner of the 2015 Prix Net Art, Constant Dullaart. Dullaart’s work stays firmly yet defiantly within the realm of contemporary art, but from a position profoundly informed by the conditions of new media networks—technical as well as cultural, social, economical, and political networks. Dullaart strives for an honest, respectful, yet unembellished approach to the materials and conditions of the network. At the same time his work is full of humor, wit, and critical commentary.”

Robert D Jordan

Robert D Jordan

Robert D Jordan is a sound designer, VJ and the product designer and engineer behind Cat Full of Ghosts Electronics (CFOGE). Based in Melbourne CFOGE creates experimental audio and video hardware made with custom-designed PCBs that are used by artists, producers and creative around the world. CFOGE has a focus on creating new ways of interacting live with audio and video, creating new ways to play, manipulate and control sound and video.
Synthesizers and hardware from Cat Full of Ghosts Electronics are in the collections of the Pratt Institute of Film (NYC) and the Princeton Media Department among others.