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'Imagined Touch’ by Jodee Mundy. Photo by Jeff Busby.

Experimenta Social #18

Wed 20 Jun 2018, 6PM – 8:30PM

This month’s Experimenta Social #18 speakers are challenging the narrative. Creating performances based on the investigation of multi-sensory perceptions and creative provocations, they are paving the way for inclusive arts practice. The unconventional prevails as audiences are influenced to connect and experience in new ways. Sound, sight and movement are experimented with, reconsidering traditional approaches to production and pushing the boundaries of assumed ability.


This event was curated by Emile Zile.

Experimenta Social is presented in partnership with  ACMI X and supported by Marc Besen AC and Eva Besen AO.

About the Speakers

Jodee Mundy

Jodee Mundy

Artistic Director Jodee Mundy is committed to producing high quality theatre works, public events, installations and artistic interventions, bringing together diverse cross sections of the community who may not regularly encounter one another. Her work aims to challenge and inspire audiences to redefine notions of inclusiveness. Through her collaborative practice, her live art works, Imagined Touch, created with Deafblind performers, received the 2017 Green Room Award for Innovation in Experiential Theatre and her most recent work, ‘Personal’, explores her own experience as the only hearing person in a Deaf family.



Rawcus is a critically acclaimed ensemble of performers with and without disability who create distinct performance work and deliver exceptional arts experiences. Collaborating with a core creative team led by Artistic Director Kate Sulan, Rawcus devises new work that expresses the imaginative world of the Ensemble. Drawing on dance, theatre and visual art disciplines, the work is crafted with a precision that supports the performers but allows space for their inherent sense of anarchy.