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Eskin 4’, Directed by Jill Scott, Performed by Mason Lincoln Special School in Umlazi, Durban. ISEA2018

Experimenta Social #24:
Human To Digital

Wed 20 Mar 2019, 6PM – 8:30PM

The first Experimenta Social for 2019 invites audiences to consider their physical connection to technology. Our invited speakers put the human body at the forefront of their practice in order to further investigate this connection. By visualising human sensory data – can we better understand ourselves and our impact on our environment?

Our first speaker is pioneering media artist Prof. Dr. Jill Scott, who coined the term Neuromedia to best describe the collaborative practise of combining media art with neuroscience research. Through her practice, Jill builds interactive media installations that immerse viewers inside designed environments – to gain a deeper understanding of our human sensory limitations and abilities. Jill will be joined by Dr Betty Sargeant (PluginHUMAN), who’s progressive works personalise audiences’ experiences through audio-reactive visual environments, controlled live by brain activity.


Experimenta Social is presented in partnership with ACMI X, and supported by Marc Besen AC and Eva Besen AO.

About the Speakers

Professor Dr. Jill Scott is a media artist, researcher and writer. She was born in Melbourne, Australia, and currently works between Australia and Switzerland. She co-directs the LASERZURICH in Zurich for the Leonardo Society, USA and she is Professor Emerita at the University of the Arts (ZhdK) in Zürich, where she founded their Artists-in-Labs Program (2000).
Jill Scott`s research spans neuroscience, electronics, ecology, sociology, sculpture, performative installation and media art.  Her own artwork production spans 40 years of production about the human body, behavior and body politics. For the last 16 years, she has collaborated with Neuroscientists at the University of Zurich, Switzerland as well as been artists-in-resident in other Science labs (SymbioticA, Perth and University for Applied Arts-Vienna). She has published six books on art and science research.

Dr Betty Sargeant is an award-winning digital artist. In her current series of work she focuses on disappearing the interface and shaping multi-sensory experiences.
Betty was shortlisted for a Contemporary Art Award (2019), she won a Good Design Award (2018) and a Victorian Premier’s Design Award (2017). She is currently creator-in-residence at the Exertion Games Lab (RMIT University, Australia), where she is developing a series of media artworks. Betty was the Melbourne Knowledge Fellow (2016) and she was creator-in-residence at the Asia Culture Centre (South Korea, 2017 & 2016).
Betty is co-creative director of PluginHUMAN, a Melbourne-based art-technology activation. She has exhibited her work in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. Betty’s PhD was ranked top three at the CHASS Prize (2015).