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Experimenta Social #7:
The Virtual And Reality - Perception, Participation, Potential

Wed 12 Apr 2017, 6PM – 8:30PM

In an era of purported Fake News, queries on whether we are living in an elaborate computer simulation and the widespread ease in which individuals select recreational sex partners, gender identities and filter bubbles it is appropriate to begin the 2017 season of Experimenta Social with a panel on the real and the immersive, virtual reality and its potential. We are seeing a widespread adoption of VR in multiple spheres of creative, commercial and medical use. In this discussion, we will host innovative practitioners in the field to unpack the complexities of VR production, narrative construction and audience activation. Is VR here for the long-term? How do we tell engaging stories in VR? Is there scope for artist-led VR experiences in a commercially oriented industry? What is the potential to use VR storytelling in therapeutic use for mental health?

Presentations lead by Oscar Raby ( VRTOV ) and Dr. Greg Wadley (University of Melbourne), will unpack the complexities of VR production, narrative construction and audience activation. Each speaker will share their unique approach to this quickly developing medium.


This event was curated by Emile Zile.

This project is supported by the Besen Family Foundation and the City of Melbourne, and presented in conjunction with ACMIx.

About the Speakers

Oscar Raby

Oscar Raby

Oscar Raby is the Co-Founder and Creative Director at VRTOV, the Melbourne-based Virtual Reality studio behind the projects The Turning Forest, Easter Rising: Voice of a Rebel and Assent. In 2013 he completed a Masters degree in Animation and Interactive Media at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where the subject of his research was Portraiture in New Media. His graduating work, the autobiographical Virtual Reality documentary Assent, has been part of Sundance New Frontier, IDFA DocLab and Sheffield Doc/Fest as well as festivals in Australia, Canada, USA, Mexico, the Netherlands and the UK. Assent received the Audience Award for Cross-platform at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014.

Dr Greg Wadley

Dr Greg Wadley

Dr Greg Wadley is a Lecturer in the Department of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne working on the application of technology to health and wellbeing in areas such as youth and adult mental health, social connectedness, addiction, health screening and chronic pain. He is interested in the influence of mood-enhancing technologies on culture and society.