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Image courtesy of Zoe Scoglio, ‘The Sedimentary Collective’ for Treatment Flightlines 2017 at the Western Treatment Plant

Experimenta Social #8:
Memory, Geology, Performance

Wed 10 May 2017, 6PM – 8:30PM

The geological imaginary: between a rock and a soft, water based body.

Unpacking the cultures and rituals that humans place around geological forms, presenting artists Amy Spiers and Zoe Scoglio use speculative approaches, hybrid techniques and literary reverse-engineering within their work.

Experimenta Social #8 will be a night of reflection on the rock, the language we use about Land and the power of naming and mapping.


This event was curated by Emile Zile.

This project is supported by the Besen Family Foundation and the City of Melbourne, and presented in conjunction with ACMIx.

About the Speakers

Amy Spiers

Amy Spiers

Amy Spiers is a Melbourne-based artist and writer. Her socially-engaged, critical art practice focuses on the creation of live performances, participatory situations and multi-artform installations for both site-specific and gallery contexts. For her recent project, ‘Miranda Must Go’, Amy calls for the acknowledgement of the negative impact of white settlement at Hanging Rock, awakening the true history of the infamous landform.

Zoe Scoglio

Zoe Scoglio

Zoe Scoglio’s practise unites performance, video, sound and installation to create interdisciplinary, site-specific and participatory work. Playing with notions of time, origin, sentience and morphology, her work engages the varied cultural, political and personal narratives we create about this rock we call home.