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Image courtesy of Xanthe Dobbie, ’21st Century Greatest Hits Screensaver Pack’

Experimenta Social #9:
Moving Image Futures

Wed 14 Jun 2017, 6PM – 8:30PM

From the structural experiments of early seventies video artists like Woody and Steina Vasulka, to the cinema-scale projection of Bill Viola, to the proliferation of contemporary video-mapping in outdoor locations; video art has fractured and proliferated over many media surfaces.

Join innovative post-video artists Xanthe Dobbe and Aaron Christopher Rees from the ‘Another Space’ exhibition to discuss the development of their new screen and projection-based works and the futures of the moving image.

This session will also include a showing at Testing Grounds, 7:30pm (5mins walk from ACMI X) featuring projects presented as part of the ‘Another Space’ exhibition.


This event was curated by Emile Zile.

This project is supported by the Besen Family Foundation and the City of Melbourne, and presented in conjunction with ACMIx.

About the Speakers

Xanthe Dobbie

Xanthe Dobbie

Xanthe Dobbie is a Melbourne-based new media artist and curator. Her practice aims to capture the experience of post-internet contemporaneity as reflected through feminism, art history, iconography and queer culture.

Aaron Christopher Rees

Aaron Christopher Rees

Aaron Christopher Rees is a multidisciplinary artist who recycles images to consider how technology and the act of picture-making mediates our experience of the world. Rees’s work is concerned with affect, phenomenology and abstraction, with recent work taking form as site-specific installations where screens interpolate space.