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This photo features a women holding a mic in front of an artwork
Description Victoria Tour at RMIT Gallery (2017). Photo by Matto Lucas

Hobart Exhibition
Described Guided Tour

This is a guided tour for people who are Blind or have low vision.


This event has finished. 

Designed for people who are blind or have low vision, this Experimenta Life Forms tour gave Tasmanian participants the chance to get their hands on cutting-edge experimental art, whilst learning about the creative processes and artistic inspiration employed by our artists.

Produced by Description Victoria, this specially lead tour is designed to allow access to people who require visual guidance within the gallery space. Tour guides assist participants around the space, facilitating a curated pathway while describing the atmospheric elements that will enhance their experience. Participants were also allowed tactile access to certain artworks, allowing them to sense the shape, movement and texture that they would not generally be able to perceive or have access to.

This tour was produced by Description Victoria & Experimenta, presented at Plimsoll Gallery, UTAS (Hobart, TAS) on 7 May 2021. Photography by Eden Meure.

About the Tour

woman and dog stand in front of artwork with women speaking into mic

Description Victoria

Creating accessible and inclusive arts experiences for people who are Blind or have low vision.

woman and dog stand in front of artwork with women speaking into mic

Description Victoria

Description Victoria provides professional description services for art and media. Audio description adds live or pre-recorded verbal information to performances, events, exhibitions, and moving images. Designed for people who are Blind or have low vision, this information is delivered through a variety of means that complement the work.

Our describers come from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines in art, performance and media, combining their own expertise with expert training in description. We have described for theatre shows, exhibitions, documentary videos, films, fireworks displays and live art experiences. Audio description can be adapted to any work in any medium.

We also provide comprehensive advice and support on marketing your show to audiences with low vision, and consider the experience of your patrons from the first moment they hear about the work, to the time they step out of the venue.

Description Victoria is a registered charity governed by a committee with a majority of members who have a lived experience of Blindness or low vision.