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Media Training Workshops

6 & 13 September 2023, 6-8pm

ACMI Fed Square

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In partnership with ACMI X we are presenting two media training workshops at ACMI on 6 & 13 September.

These 2 hours workshops are a must for any artist launching their work into today’s crowded media landscape.

Learn how to tell your story  – in the media, online and on radio –  and sell your story to attract an audience, in these practical workshops led by industry experts.

Workshop 1: Tell your story (6 Sept)

Learn what makes your story interesting and how best to tell it.

Workshop 2: See your story (13 Sept)

How to “sell” your story and prepare for interviews.

By the end of the two workshops, you will feel confident to define your story, be clear about what you want to say and about how you say it.

Book your spot in one ($20) or both ($35) workshops now.

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Workshop leaders

Esther Coleman-Hawkins and Denise Eriksen
Denise Eriksen and Esther Coleman Hawkins are co-founders of Media Mentors Australia, a company which enables people to build successful careers in the Arts and Screen Industries. Denise and Esther trained as journalists and have long experience on that side of the camera, and both are skilled at storytelling – in whatever form that takes.