Panel Discussion: Digital Networks and Bodies — Experimenta

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Panel Discussion
Digital Networks and Bodies

Location: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

8:30-9:30 Keynote Speaker: STELARC
Panel 2: Digital Networks and Bodies
Melentie Pandilovski (Experimenta Media Arts)

Experimenta’s CEO/Artistic Director, Melentie Pandilovski, will be part of SPM 2022: Society for Phenomenology and Media 23rd Annual Conference “Being together in the Digital Age” and will present his text Navigating the maze of the ever-evolving construction of the computational media apparatus.
Visually based technologies (Video, VR and AR technologies), teamed up with AI, assist us in witnessing vast changes appearing in our understanding of the world via the intentional coupling of virtual contents and active streams of sensations in cultural and communal conditionings by the end of the second decade of the 21st century. Video technologies, once considered to be peripheral and even subcultural, have become central to humanity. Our understanding of space and time has fundamentally changed with digitalized satellite navigation; the newly-established reliance on social media has turned simultaneously into a need, thrill, and shackles for most humans; the clandestine use of social media in political campaigns has proven to be highly effective, divisive, and essential in winning or losing elections; collaborative distributed techno-scientific Networks have pushed the boundaries of the achievable and have shed new light on the relation that is being established between humans and technology, providing an account of everyday technology relations in a manner that can facilitate our considerations of the social and ethical implications of information technology.