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the hybrid society
by cake industries

Commissioned by Experimenta and Robotronica.
Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts.

With the rise of the social media influencer, and the many who follow them, a self-perpetuating loop has been created existing mainly in a virtual space, accessible primarily through small glass rectangles. The physical embodiment of this loop, influencers and consumers, humans and devices, have become hybridised into man-machines. Their obsession with their devices and themselves knows no bounds as they walk amongst us.

Always connected, yet somewhat separated from the world around them, these performing robotic sculptures use dark humour and absurdity to reflect and highlight the growing obsession with online personas and the technology that draws our attention from dawn to dusk.

Artist duo Jesse Stevens & Dean Petersen have worked together since 2006 as “Cake Industries”. Based in regional Victoria, their work has been shown nationally and internationally.

Darkly humorous and provocatively satirical, Cake Industries’ performative mechatronic sculptures construct abstract narratives to reveal the complexities and absurdities of modern life. Their human/object hybrid forms are players in a surreal mechanical theatre that is equally strange, disturbing and beautiful.

As an experimental and multidisciplinary permanent artist collaboration, Cake Industries are fiercely self-sufficient, and the broad range of skills in a variety of mediums that they share between them allows them to execute works that are technically, functionally and structurally complex.

From roaming sculpture to immersive installations, their works inhabit diverse spaces from traditional gallery context to non-standard public environments.



Robotronica 2019 

IMAGE: ‘The Hybrid Society’ by Cake Industries (Jesse Stevens and Dean Petersen).
Commissioned by Experimenta and Robotronica. Supported by the Australia Council for the Arts.