Experimenta Make Sense at USC Gallery

Our next stop for 2019 on the Experimenta Make Sense National Tour is USC Gallery (Sunshine Coast, QLD), presenting from 12 July – 6 September 2019.

We spoke to their Gallery Manager, Megan Williams, to discuss the exhibition and media at USC.

What compelled you to include Experimenta Make Sense in your exhibition program?

I’ve seen previous iterations of Experminenta’s triennials and have always found them compelling and thought-provoking experiences. USC Art Gallery seeks to present the work of artists who are dealing with issues and themes relevant to the times we live in. As Experimena Make Sense focusses on the impact of the digital age it is a natural fit for our program. It will certainly be the most ambitious exhibition of new media exhibition the Gallery has presented, and that is exciting for us and our audience.

The exhibition also gave us the opportunity to work with Horizon Festival, the Sunshine Coast’s premier multi-arts festival. We are thrilled that Experimenta Make Sense will be presented as part of the Horizon program and in addition to the exhibition a number of other events are planned that will provide a platform for artists, industries, communities and audience to connect.

Do any particular works in the exhibition stand out for you?

I can’t play favourites, but I will say that I am excited that a number of Queensland artists are included in the exhibition.

We’re really interested to see how our audiences engage with the artworks and in turn, how the artworks ‘reveal’ themselves. By this I mean that there are a number of works that are awe-inspiring; really visually arresting in scale and complexity. There are also works that are more intimate and draw the viewer in slowly. What they have in common is that they grapple with complexities of living in a digital age and it is always so wonderful to see our audiences engage with artworks beyond the surface in meaningful ways. The artworks in the exhibition encourage deep enquiry and we hope our audience walks away from seeing Experimenta Make Sense with a better understanding or reinvigorated sense of curiosity about the age we live in.

How does USC engage in new forms of new media in its teaching and research?

USC understands that being able to manipulate, become immersed in, or visualise concepts or scenarios that would otherwise be impossible to experience is a powerful way to learn. One of USC’s major strengths within the higher education sector is that it offers some of the most sophisticated teaching facilities in the world. USC is home to cutting-edge visualisation facilities which were purpose-built to provide a hybrid of 2D and 3D virtual reality techniques to allow students to see and interact with complex data in ways that accelerate and deepen their learning.

Further, the Engage Research Lab – comprised of academics from a variety of disciplines – investigates and develops interactive technologies such as computer games, smartphone and tablet applications, social media and artworks, where users can become involved, informed and inspired to change the world.