Biopolymer Workshop with Betty Sargeant — Experimenta

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As part of their on-going research, Australian artist-duo PluginHUMAN (Betty Sargeant and Justin Dwyer) have been conducting extensive research and experimenting with compostable biopolymers, their aim is to establish carbon negative creative materials and working practices.

Facilitated by Betty Sargeant, this in-person workshop at Plimsoll Gallery (Hobart, TAS) investigated how biopolymer materials can be moulded to create unique sculptural forms.

Participants explored the emerging sustainable art practice of biopolymer sculpture – learning how to use biopolymers to create small sculptural artefacts and how organic materials, such as algae, can be an alternative to plastic-waste consumption.

PluginHUMAN’s artwork ‘PULSE: The Life Force of Trees’ is presenting as part of Experimenta Life Forms: International Triennial of Media Art,  touring nationally until 2024.

This event was produced by Experimenta, presented at Plimsoll Gallery, UTAS (Hobart TAS) on 24 May 2021. Photos by Jane Barlow.