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Can AI make you more creative? In a workshop supported by Experimenta Media Arts, researchers from SensiLab at Monash University explored how the latest advancements in AI could be used to inspire and enhance artistic skills with students visiting Latrobe Regional Gallery (VIC).

As part of the workshop the students were challenged to designed an album cover for a fictitious new album, ‘Invasion of Machines’, by an imaginary artist, “Lil Bot’. They were equipped with an AI powered app to help them with visual inspiration for the design.

The students explored their surroundings, including the gallery exhibits, to find interesting textures and shapes to capture. As students captured images the app returned other images from a database of photographs, paintings and digitally created artwork using a visual similarity search. The students saved the artworks that inspired them the most, and then drew inspiration from these to create their album cover artwork.

Overall, the workshop opened up the group’s ideas around AI and creativity, with all the students agreeing that the app allowed them to be more imaginative with their designs.

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