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Experimenta Artistic Director and Co-Curator Jonathan Parsons recently spoke to Art Guide magazine about Experimenta Make Sense.

As Parsons explains,

“Obrist coined this phrase ‘the extreme present’ to describe the phenomenon of the pace of change, largely driven by technology, in which people are struggling to keep up with the present, let alone think about the future.”

The curators soon saw that many artists were attempting to make sense of contemporary technology through acts of sensory creation. 

“Despite all of the sophisticated technologies we have today, we make sense through our senses; sight, hearing, touch and taste, and yet many of the developments in science and technology are so beyond that,” says Parsons. “There’s a strong thread in this show of artists bringing quite complex ideas and concepts into a viewable, audible, touchable realm, as a way for humans to make sense.”

Read the full article written by Tiarney Miekus for Art Guide here.