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In our first Experimenta Social talks event for 2021 we hear from two artists based in Tasmania to celebrate the launch of the Experimenta Life Forms exhibition in Hobart.

Svenja Kratz’s trans-disciplinary practice is concerned with exploring the implications of biotechnology research. She is making a significant contribution to the field of Bioart through her art/science practice of working with cell and tissue cultures. Selena de Carvalho also works across many disciplines. She draws inspiration from Tasmania’s unique eco-systems and bears witness to the disruptions to these systems. Her work reminds us of the interconnectedness of all life and the environments that support them.

Watch the recorded video below to hear from these exemplary artists, who present on their recent work and discuss how both materially and conceptually living systems inspire their distinctive practices.

Experimenta Social is a series of talks, discussions and demos designed to provide proximity to some of Australia’s most adventurous contemporary artists, researchers and creative technologists. Curated by Experimenta, the series explores practices at the nexus of art, technology, science, culture and design.

This event was recorded live online: Wednesday 28 April 2021